Step into the Future: Happy Valley Library’s Major Expansion

Architectural rendering showcasing the exterior of the upcoming expanded Happy Valley Library

Your Happy Valley Library is Leveling Up: Here’s Why You Should Care

You love your library, and it’s about to love you back even more. The Happy Valley Library plans to add a significant 7,000 square feet to its existing space. Here’s why you won’t want to miss what’s coming.

First Up: More Space Means More Fun

That’s right, 7,000 new square feet means room for exciting new features. Picture a community room that can fit up to 300 people, a full-scale kitchen, and private study rooms. Each of these additions is designed just for you.

It’s All About You: A Community-Driven Project

You voiced your needs and the city listened. In partnership with Scott Edwards Architecture and Harper Houf Peterson Righellis engineers, your neighbors and the local Library Board crafted the expansion plans. So, this isn’t just another public building project; it’s custom-made based on your feedback.

What’s On The Menu? Let’s Dive In

Next, let’s explore these new amenities. The large community room is versatile, meaning it can split in two for different activities. Now, more public programs can happen at the same time. And don’t overlook the new kitchen. Picture cooking classes and communal dinners. All these new features boost the ways you can enjoy your time at the library.


Sustainability map illustrating eco-friendly features of the new Happy Valley Library expansion

This sustainability map outlines the eco-conscious design elements of the new Happy Valley Library expansion. It highlights areas for energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and sustainable building materials

You Asked, We Delivered: Meeting Community Needs

You told the city: Happy Valley needs more communal spaces. This expansion directly addresses that need. Now, you’ll find it easier to join meetings, share ideas, and connect with people without leaving your local area.

But That’s Not All

Moreover, the library isn’t just for quiet reading or public programs. Imagine being able to rent the new community room and kitchen for your own events. This is your chance to bring your community together, right here at the library.

Coming Soon: Mark Your Calendars

Last but not least, construction starts this August and wraps up by Fall 2024. While some short disruptions may happen, the library will mostly stay open. So, keep your library cards handy and prepare to enjoy this new chapter in the life of your local library.

Wouldn’t it be great to live closer once the library opens?

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So, to sum it up: your Happy Valley Library is getting bigger and better, just for you. This expansion will offer you new ways to learn, connect, and celebrate right in your own community. Stay tuned for the grand reveal next fall—you won’t want to miss it!



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